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October 2012 News

For sale Varga's bull Floyd

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Floyd, three years old - dys B - genetic identification .

He is a sweet dog, he is the father of two very nice litters. He is the father of our Grizzloup.

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July news

Croque loup des Hauts de Malforęt world winner 2011

and Best of breed to the France championchip 2011 !  

Croque loup des Hauts de Malforęt worl winner 2010 and  2011 !

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News  September 15 th

Vibha's pups are born September 4th

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News  August 5 th

Vibha is pregnant !

July 9 th


 Vibha and Varga's bull Floyd have been mated.

We hope puppies in September !


Vibha is Croque loup's mother.

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Balkan  leave home to join her new family

Varga's bull Helena  with her new family



Since 14 years, Malforęt Sarplaninec First kennel in France  !

Croque loup, best Sarplaninac in France  !